Titan Toyz Hoarding Terms and Conditions

When you opt for Titan Toyz Hoarding, all available items will be reserved for you and charged once your order enters the payment processing stage. Rather than immediate shipping, these paid items will be stored in your Hoard, allowing you to later combine them with other items and arrange shipment at your convenience.

Within your Hoard, you have the flexibility to view all your orders that are identified as being a Hoarded Item in your My Account section. This feature is particularly beneficial for customers aiming to minimize per-shipment expenses for customs purposes, consolidate orders for more efficient shipping, or earn more points in our rewards program.

Payment Process for Hoarded Orders

During payment processing, you are an account holder and have access to our reserve feature, preorders charges occur only when the items become available. New customers, read up on our reserve feature to understand more.

Shipping fees are not applied until a Hoarded shipment is initiated.

120-Day Hold Policy

Reserved items can remain in your Hoard for up to 120 days from allocation. The countdown starts upon the initial arrival of the item to our store. During this period, you're welcome to notify us by email and combine items for shipment with other items that enter your Hoard.

Once the 120-day limit is reached, any items remaining in your Hoard are automatically grouped for shipment by our chosen method. Shipping charges apply, and no alterations or additions can be made to these shipments. If there is an active Free Shipping discount threshold met, then we will apply the Free Shipping option.

Extensions to the 120-day limit are not possible under any circumstances. Please plan your shipments accordingly to avoid any issues.

Unpaid Automatic Shipments

If an automatic shipment remains unpaid, the order will be canceled, items returned to stock, and you'll receive store credit equivalent to 85% of the item price.

Shipping From Your Hoard

To ship items from your Hoard:

1. Sign in to Titan Toyz.
2. Go to Your Account.
3. Identify the order numbers that contain Hoarded Items.
4. Email us your order numbers you wish to combine to info@titantoyz.com.
5. Any outstanding payments will be invoiced.
6. Once outstanding payments are complete, we will prepare your shipment.

Please review your shipping arrangements carefully as paid shipping requests cannot be modified or canceled once processed.