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Nottaa Collection

Nottaa Collection 1/12 Enveloped YaoMo Qingshi Blood Version


Estimated release: 2024-12-01


Deadline Date: 2024-03-30

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  • Bloody Battle Edition: Head sculpt and accessories
  • Movable tracking eye head sculpt (blood stains)*2
  • Air cushion gear joints Super movable body (blood stains)*1 (elbows, knees, ankles) )
  • Blood-soaked hands*12 pieces
  • Nine-ring meteorite iron knife*1
  • Gap nine-ring meteorite iron knife*1
  • Black cloth cloak (containing iron wire)*1 piece
  • Carved chest and shoulder armor*1 pair of
  • blood-soaked lapis lazuli wrist guards *1 pair of
  • blood-soaked lapis lazuli ankle braces*1 pair
  • of blood-soaked carved skirts and leg chainmails*1 pair of
  • defeated monster skulls*1
  • petrified monster sword stand*1
  • blood special effects pieces*3
  • visceral skeleton special effects pieces*3

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