Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Canada and the USA. 

Will you be expanding your shipping to other countries?

Yes, we are currently working on expanding our network of shipping options to support outside North America.

What does it mean if an item has a "Down Payment" option?

The down payment option allows our customers to secure their orders by paying a small non-refundable payment up front. The difference will be paid when the product arrives to our fulfillment centre. An email will be sent to the customer with a link pay the remaining balance plus shipping.

What does it mean if an item is listed as "Pre-Order"?

This means that this item is currently available for order prior to release. The release date listed is the manufacturer scheduled date and may be changed. Pre-order products are charged the full price with shipping to secure your order unless it is an item that accepts a deposit, or you are a customer with access to our reserve program. Once the product arrives we will notify you by email and ship the product when balance owing has been paid.

Deposits are deducted from the original price and you pay the difference when the item arrives and is ready to ship. We will only ship out the item when you have paid the balance owing.

What is the "Reserve Program"

The reserve program gives customers access to a one click reserve button on pre-order items. Payment is made when the item is released. No deposit, No full payment required up front. Click here to learn how to qualify.

What does it mean if an item is listed as "Special Order"?

This means that we have received our initial order of this item from the manufacturer and have sold out of it. The item is likely still available from the manufacturer and we will gladly order more as customers place orders for this item. You are welcome to order this item. We will then order this item from the manufacturer and inform you of availability and timing.

What are "Special Items"

Special items are hard to find collectables. They are graded based on the quality and condition of the item. Usually these collectables are sealed and never displayed. And, on occasion come sealed in the original brown box.

Are Pre-Order Dates Firm?

Please note that this date is estimated and is subject to change at any time due to possible, and often likely, manufacturer delays. Upcoming items may also be cancelled at any time and without notice. If a delay or cancellation occurs, we will update the site as quickly as possible.