Titan Toyz Hoarding Service

Start Hoarding at Titan Toyz to save on shipping and more!

Do you love collecting? Are you always on the lookout for the latest releases and limited edition items? We understand your passion for collecting, and we have the perfect solution for you - Hoarding at Titan Toyz!

What is Hoarding, you ask? It's a unique feature offered exclusively for Titan Toyz customers. It allows you to store your favourite products until you are ready to ship them together. With multiple pre-orders, Hoarding gives you the flexibility to choose when to ship while saving you money!

With Hoarding, you can store multiple items together, consolidating your shipments and reducing shipping costs. No more worrying about paying for individual shipments or missing out on limited-time offers. Hoarding ensures that you have complete control over your collection and shipping preferences.

Here's how it works:

  1. Become a Titan Toyz Customer: Simply register for an account and purchase one or more products to unlock the Hoarding Feature option when you reserve an item. If you’ve completed a purchase in the last year, this feature is already available to you!
  2. Store your product: When you find a product you want to pre-order, simply add it to your Hoarding inventory by checking the Hoard my order checkbox with our Reserve Feature. It will be safely stored in our warehouse until you are ready to ship.
  3. Ship when you are ready: Once you have accumulated enough items or when the time is right, you can request to ship your Hoarded items. We will carefully pack and ship them to your desired location once shipping has been paid in full.
  4. Pre-orders: Currently, Hoarding is available for pre-orders only and you must be an account holder. Click here to register for a Titan Toyz account.
  5. Saves you money: By consolidating your shipments, Hoarding helps you save on shipping costs. No more paying for individual shipments or unnecessary fees. You can enjoy your collection while keeping your wallet happy.
  6. Earns you points faster: As a Hoarding member, you'll earn loyalty points faster. Every item you add to your Hoarding inventory contributes to your loyalty rewards once payment has been finalized, bringing you closer to exclusive discounts and special offers.

So why wait? Titan Toyz account holders can take advantage of our Hoarding Service today and take their collecting experience to the next level. New customers must sign up for an account and complete one purchase to activate this feature for future orders.

Ship when you are ready, and enjoy the benefits of saving money and earning points faster. Join our passionate community of collectors and embrace the power of Hoarding!

Read Hoarding terms and conditions here