Unveiling the Exquisite 1:3 JND Catwoman of Batman Returns Collectible

JND Studios Catwoman

In the realm of collectible figures, precision and detail transform mere toys into treasured works of art. JND Studios has consistently raised the bar with their lifelike statues, and their latest offerings, the 1:3 JND Catwoman of Batman Returns Single and Dual versions, are no exception. These meticulously crafted pieces not only capture the essence of the iconic character portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer but also serve as a hallmark of collector's dreams. Here, we dive into the exquisite details of these two variants.

The 1:3 JND Catwoman of Batman Returns Single Version

For those who admire the solitary prowess of Catwoman, the Single version of this statue is a perfect fit. It consists of:

  • One (1) Statue: This piece is the centerpiece, featuring Catwoman in her full, dynamic glory, poised and ready for action.
  • One (1) Silicone + Resin Head: The head sculpt is a marvel of craftsmanship, featuring rooted eyelashes and lifelike glass eyes that almost seem to follow you around the room.
  • One (1) Single JND Base (Resin): The sturdy base ensures the statue’s stability and adds a touch of elegance to the overall presentation.
  • One (1) Leather Whip: A signature accessory, the whip is crafted from real leather, adding a realistic texture and flexibility.
  • One (1) Cat (Resin): No depiction of Catwoman would be complete without a feline companion. This resin cat is detailed and adds an extra layer of character to the scene.

This version is ideal for those who want a focused tribute to Catwoman’s most iconic look from "Batman Returns".

The 1:3 JND Catwoman of Batman Returns Dual Version

For enthusiasts who prefer a narrative scope, the Dual version offers a broader storyline with additional elements:

  • Two (2) Statues (Catwoman & Selina Kyle): This set includes both Catwoman in her costume and Selina Kyle in her civilian attire, depicting the duality of her character.
  • Two (2) Heads: One head features the same high-quality silicone and resin blend with rooted eyelashes and glass eyes as the Single version. The second head, representing Selina Kyle, includes rotted (rooted) hair and eyelashes along with glass eyes, capturing her transformation.
  • One (1) Dual JND Base (Resin): Larger and designed to support both figures, this base acts as a diorama that beautifully stages the transformation from Selina Kyle to Catwoman.
  • One (1) Leather Whip: As with the Single version, the whip enhances the realism and dynamic of the pose.
  • One (1) Cat (Resin): A constant companion, the resin cat accompanies both figures, linking their identities.
  • One (1) Selina Kyle Costume Set (Fabric): This addition allows for a changeable costume, increasing display options and narrative depth.

The Dual version is particularly appealing to those who appreciate a fuller story arc, showing both sides of the character's life

Both versions of the JND Catwoman of Batman Returns statues are stunning examples of what modern collectibles can achieve. With their lifelike details and high-quality materials, these figures are not just collectibles but are investments in art. Whether you choose the focused elegance of the Single version or the narrative richness of the Dual version, either piece would be a standout addition to any collection.

For fans of Catwoman, Batman Returns, or high-end collectibles in general, these statues represent a pinnacle of what fandom combined with fine craftsmanship can produce.

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