The Lost Boys David Human and Vampire Reaction by Super 7

Crazy nostalgia here. Growing up in the 80s, this was one of the movies to watch. The Lost Boys. Great vampire flick with up in coming actors like Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. Joel Shumacher directing, bringing to life a movie that had both scares and dark comedy provided by the two Cory's, Haim and Feldman.

We love this item because it captures the character David in both human and vampire form. The human form is especially interesting with the accessories of the bottle and take-out food. If you remember in the movie he's eating while getting introduced to Jason Patric's character Michael.

Even the card back has the art depicting the surging evil that is within David. Ready to strike and feed with the backdrop of the amusement park.

Details like the upside down figure on card back for vampire David is an especially nice touch. So well done.

"You'll never grow old…and you'll never die, but you must feed!"

Amazing. For any fan of this movie, this duo of Vampire and Human form are a must Reaction figure pick up.

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