The Legacy Collection presents: Cobra, Marion Cobretti

"Crime is a disease. Meet the cure."

Does it get any better than this? No it does not. Sly Stallone fans everywhere will appreciate one of his most iconic roles and movie. Cobra. Marion Cobretti. Stallone, even himself states that this is one of his top 3 roles that he's played. And, he wishes he continued the series. We all do Sly. 

Cobra Marion Cobretti

Now, we can all embrace this moment and enjoy the sixth scale figure of Cobra. The Legacy Collection presents: Cobra, Marion Cobretti Sixth Scale Figure. This figure features:

Cobra: Marion Cobretti:

  • 1) Ultra-realistic head sculpt (Hand painted)
  • 2) Over 28 Points of articulation (Approx 30 cm / 12 Inches)
  • 3) 6 posable gloved hands
  • 4) Black Jacket
  • 5) Black shirt
  • 6) Jeans
  • 7) Boots
  • 8) Weapon holster
  • 9) Colt Gold Cup National Match (Custom)
  • 10) Machine gun Jatimatic SMG with 4 magazines and laser optic
  • 11) Two hand grenades
  • 12) Police badge
  • 13) Wristwatch
  • 14) Sunglasses
  • 15) Necklace (Metal)
  • 16) Matchsticks
  • 17) Luxury diorama stand

You can find it here at

Preorder is open and is set at $290 US Dollars. Don't miss out. 

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