Ramen Toy introduces us to the new MASK. Welcome MAKINA

Makina is derived from Spanish machine, from Latin machina ("a machine, engine, contrivance, device, stratagem, trick").

Ramen Toy, a maker of collectibles from the 1980s, has released a few figures that evoke our inner 80's nostalgia. Ramen brings back to life all the characters from back then in great detail and articulation.

Their first, took on the Centurions, excellently crafted as 80's Commanders, Air Force, Naval, and Armor. With the 80's Commanders 3 pack, we can expect a second wave soon with more vibrant colours.

Silverhawks Quicksilver and MonStar will follow. We can't get enough of Ramen Toy collectibles from the 80's.

Collectors ourselves, we recently purchased a sealed and graded Manta figure from M.A.S.K.


M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) was a unique toyline pioneered by Kenner in 1985, capitalizing on the rising themes of action features and transformation in the action figure market. The series pits the heroic M.A.S.K. led by wealthy philanthropist Matt Trakker, against the renegade V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem).

So it was a pure delight to hear that Ramen Toy was introducing their own brand
on this popular series called MAKINA. The prototypes Ramen has released on their Facebook page show great progress towards replicating this iconic series as fans.


Currently, they are in the early stages of development. Various images and videos are posted on Ramen's FB page every day. This is a series we are looking forward to watching daily.

Makina prototype

Stay tuned to Titan Toyz for your chance to get this new hot collectible from Ramen Toy.

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