New Transformers-themed camera replica toys from Canon

Nikon and Canon are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing market filled with smartphones, but there's at least one way to boost sales of dedicated cameras: partner with Takara Tomy and turn them into fan-favorite Transformers like Optimus Prime.

There is no doubt that Transformers toys are one of the original pop culture mash-ups, combining towering robots with everything from exotic sports cars to fighter jets to dinosaur toys. Optimus Prime phone chargers and Soundwave tablets have also been created by partnering consumer tech and robots-in-disguise.

Collectors are a great target especially when you do a combiner with one of the most famous figures in the industry. The camera in its transformed state can easily pass for the original, but it is a non-functional mirrorless camera. At least they included the Matrix fitted in the lens and provide Optimus with a shield with the lens cap.

These figures will probably be hard to find so preorder while you can and secure yours. You may be caught paying higher priced versions after market on Ebay.

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