Maestro Union releases wave 2 and 3 of the FuRay Planet series

Featuring anthropomorphic animals in a modern society with different countries and cities, FuRay Planet is an imaginary planet full of anthropomorphic animals. Maestro Union has created a series of 1/12 scale figures based on this new world. These figures have mature designs, are highly detailed, and are highly articulated.

Veteran William

William the veteran is the second character in the series, and he comes in two different variations - prison breaker and hunter. Additionally, the figure comes with a shotgun and two daggers.

Blade Master Weng, the third character in the series, has 25 movable joints and twin blades. There are several pieces of armour that can be removed, including the cloak, leg armour, arm armour, and plastron. You can also recreate your favorite comic scene with the figure's accessories and weapons!

These great figures compliment the wave one release of the Hunter Crocker. We can't emphasize enough the level of detail on features, paint, and articulation. The figures are scheduled for a December 2022 release. Preorder yours today to secure your own.

Blade Master Weng
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