FuRay Planet Series 1st wave 1/12 action figure Wilderness Hunter Crocker

Wilderness Hunter Crocker is the first figure of the FuRay Planet Series, so we can hope to see more from the series in the upcoming months.

FuRay Planet consists of anthropomorphic animals in a modern society. Based on this new world comes a series of 1/12 scale figures.

The Crocker is highly detailed and has multiple points of articulation. With his various weapons and accessories, the Crocker looks like a pretty fierce character.

There are two styles to the Crocker, Hunter and Prison Breaker. The Hunter can be equipped with his cowboy hat, vest, and weapons. Prison Breaker is basically the Crocker with no equipment, the cuffs you can equip for additional prison break effect.

The Crocker is around 19cm tall. It looks like a pretty solid figure. Especially around the chest area. There are around 26 to 28 points of articulation. It should be around 800 grams in weight.

Release date is around July 2022.

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