Four Horsemen All Stars Trolls are Here

Back in 2016, the "Troll-scale" figures were first offered in the second Mythic Legions wave. Four Horsemen have since introduced a few more Trolls, and starting with their "All Stars 3" wave in 2020, they will rerelease them under that "All Stars" banner. In addition to new secondary heads, the All Stars Trolls have included new editions of their reissues to add even more value!

Four Horsemen Trolls
Fans from all over have been clamoring for Brontus the arena troll since he was first released as part of the "Coliseum" wave in 2017! Now with this new wave, he makes a triumphant return! This new release includes the extra head seen previously on the Stone Troll.

Four Horsemen Trolls

The Ice Troll rounds out the wave of terror from the frozen Northlands. Ice Troll, the bestselling model ever according to the studio, comes with the massive ice sword and the head the original release featured, as well as a repainted version of the one-eyed Brontus head.

Both of these gigantic figures are returning to the Realm of Mythoss in the "Mythic Legions: All Stars Trolls" wave.

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