COSMIC LEGIONS by Four Horsemen Studios

The Four Horsemen Studios presents the second wave of their spaced themed Legions line Cosmic Legions - Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight.

First wave: Hvalkatar Prison and the dreaded "GraveRing." Entitled so due to the cells that surround a battle arena, prisoners here are pitted against each other for the amusement of staff, guards, and guests. 4 of these fighters have banded together to survive these gladiatorial battles in the first wave.

There will now be some competition for these fighters with the introduction of this new wave! Cosmic Legions' newest wave includes four new figures, plus a fully painted T.U.5.C.C. warrior with tons of accessories. Four Horsemen Studios offers some of the wildest and most unique designs they have ever come up with, including brand new tooling and parts, beautiful paint applications, and some brand new tooling and parts. Hvalkatar will be enhanced by this "mini-wave":

Book One, acting as a logical bridge between the debut wave of this new line and some of what they have planned for the future!


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